How critical cash can be

May 24, 2021
A newly married couple recently visited a financial planner. Like most couples, they were looking for help managing their money so that it can better serve them into the future.

Part of the visit involved examining their goals, their lifestyles, and a family budget. The couple aren’t big spenders, but they both knew they were not making a conscious effort to manage their funds.

As the conversation drew to a close the husband nervously quipped, “So, we’re not a total mess, are we?”

The financial planner smiled, motioned to their budget, and said, “Not by a long shot. Without much effort, you guys are already able to squirrel away a few hundred dollars from every paycheck. Most people who come to me have huge cash flow problems, something that your family doesn’t have. This will open up many possibilities as we build your plan together.”

The same logic applies to your business. You want to improve, innovate and grow, but your cash flow limits your options. This is a common pain shared by many small to medium-sized enterprises.

It’s critical that you learn to fix your cash flow problem so that you can grow. If you’re not making 10-15% in pre-tax profit, you won’t have the cash to invest back in your business.

The better you manage cash flow, the more you can focus resources on improvements and innovations to secure your business’ future.

Then you can make your dreams a reality.
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