Self paced, online learning for small and micro business owners

Take your business from good, to great

Sympli Works is an online learning platform for small and micro business owners.

It is an offshoot of Symplicity Designs, which got its start in 2013. The founding group of five partners launched a company that would apply a process-driven approach to drive positive results at small and medium sized businesses. For years, they had studied, then applied the principles, methodologies and tools practiced by high performing organizations to help businesses improve, innovate and grow.

After considerable success working with over 400 businesses and organizations in Canada, Symplicity formed Sympli Works, to bring their training and approach to the rest of the world.

New Brunswick
400 St George Street
Moncton, NB, E1C 1X4

Nova Scotia
2A – 1687 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS, B4A 1G1