Does your marketing generate a real return?

Set yourself up for success by systemizing your marketing for small businesses without large marketing teams or budgets at their fingertips.


Small businesses often do not have the luxury of in-house marketing expertise or large budgets to throw into marketing with mere hopes of seeing a return. But now that the world has been propelled into the digital world, small businesses must find a way to compete in a more meaningful way.

For small businesses, marketing tends to be a black hole where money goes in and unknown returns may or may not come out. It’s a space with a lot of jargon, where a lot of technical expertise is required to execute, and owners simply do not have the time to become marketers while they are tasked with running the business. For those that do have a dedicated marketing resource, they tend to be frustrated with not being able to see the return of their investment into marketing.

Does this remind you of your marketing challenges today?

Marketing That Matters is for you because, as a small business owner, you recognize the importance of marketing, but you don’t want to throw money away into that black hole without understanding it a little better and setting yourself up for success.

This course will give you:

  • A detailed marketing plan that outlines the activities for the next 12 months to reach your business goals.
  • A process for developing campaigns that deliver on measurable objectives (no more money-sucking black holes!).
  • A clear brand guideline that will set your internal, or external, resources up for success.
  • A holistic view of the customer journey and how your marketing efforts will bring them down the funnel from not knowing who you are to a purchase.
  • A list of quick hits and 90-day plan to get your marketing truly up and running

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Marketing that Matters

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