Do it like Disney

August 16, 2021

Do you know how to excite your clients? Disney Parks does.

Customers complain when they don’t get what they EXPECT.

They EXPRESS what they would like.

But to EXCITE your customers, you need to solve a problem they didn’t know you could solve.

As a small business, you need to look at how large corporations have implemented these models for long term success.

Disney does this every day at its theme parks. In 2013, theme parks brought Disney $2.2 Billion in profits. One of the keys to their success is how they excite their customers, meaning great referrals and repeat visitors.

If you go to a Disney Park, you won’t typically see umbrellas – unless it’s raining. If it starts to rain, staff will ensure that umbrellas are available and on prominent display in the park’s various stores and kiosks. 

Walk about 45 minutes into any park, and you’ll find stroller rentals. Strollers are also available at the front entrance, but Disney’s experience is that toddlers entering the park are typically full of energy. They don’t want a stroller then. Forty-five minutes later, toddlers exhaust themselves, leaving parents looking for a solution for upset children. The stroller rental often does the trick.

Disney Parks also have a Disney smartphone app. This app enables guests to know the estimated wait times for various rides and attractions wherever they are in the park. This prevents guests from walking across the park only to find that Splash Mountain or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin has a two-hour wait.     

Disney continually evaluates what problems their customers experience; then they innovate by solving those problems.

Here’s the secret: Disney doesn’t stop after solving any one of these problems. 

They realize that yesterday’s exciting solution is tomorrow’s expectation.

Is your business tackling exciting solutions, or is it too busy responding to complaints about failing to meet expectations?