Did you know that 85-96% of your challenges and opportunities are process issues, not people issues? Let us help you solidify your strategy and get the best from your team.


Small businesses often do not have the luxury of in-house human resources teams, but the truth of the matter is that once you have more people than just yourself involved in this journey, you will need to tackle HR issues .

Most small businesses we work with deal with HR on an as-needed basis and it sucks a lot of time and energy from owners or leaders tasked with figuring it out.

How does this impact you ?

  • An important contributor to the team puts in their two weeks’ notice and you scramble to find a replacement.
  • An interpersonal conflict arises and you need to find a way to sort it out because the tension is felt by everyone.
  • A serious gap in performance is found and you need to have a conversation around expectations.
  • Members of your team are looking for growth opportunities and you are not sure how to set them on a course for development.

Sound familiar ?

This course aims to provide you with a foundational understanding of the principles that make up good HR, regardless of whether you have a dedicated HR team or not. The tools in this course will help you to put those practices in place and provide you, the boss, with the knowledge to execute HR effectively for your people.

If you follow the course, you will leave with the following:

  • A detailed HR plan that outlines the resources you will need to execute on the business’ goals .
  • Competency profiles that will serve as the foundation for recruitment and development processes .
  • A clear process for hiring your next candidate with an understanding of how to create effective job advertisements .
  • An onboarding process to set up for success for new hires .
  • A guided reflection and best practices for effective communication as a leader
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