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About the Course

This course is for business owners who want to create sustainable strategies for improvement, innovation, and growth in their organization.

We understand because we have been there. We have seen countless others there too, and we know there is a better way. This course is designed to introduce to you only the need-to-know, and walk you through how to apply that knowledge into action in your business.

There isn’t a need to reinvent what works in a great business. We have taken the best that great minds have brought to the table, applied it to good, bad, and very ugly situations, and seen the transformation it can have. Finishing this course, you should feel confident in your decisions as a business leader, knowing it is tried and true stuff.

Matt Symes

Your Instructor

Matt Symes is a serial entrepreneur and recovering academic. In 2013, he co-founded Symplicity Designs. Under Matt’s leadership, Symplicity has supported 400+ organizations through growth and crisis management. Matt has also acquired a number of companies under his portfolio to transform and grow.

Using a financially proven methodology, tools and models, CEO, Matt Symes and his team have strategically guided more than 50 organizations in the last two years to reach their growth objectives.

The most important guiding principle he teaches business leaders; understanding the value you deliver to your customer is immeasurably more important than understanding the widget you create.

What was previously reserved for private clients, has now been transformed for the online learning space with Sympli Works.

Who we are and What we do


Established in December of 2017, the Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity is a fresh, new organization driving economic development in the Colchester region of Nova Scotia. We are a group of business and community leaders who want to grow our region through small business support and community development.  We are a PARTNERSHIP of the local business community (through the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce), the Towns of Truro and Stewiacke, The Municipality of the County of Colchester, Millbrook First Nation and the Nova Scotia Government.



Our region is awesome. We have great businesses, amazing community assets and a lifestyle offering that’s attractive to people and businesses. We’re working with local organizations and committees to do a better job telling our story.


Strong local businesses create job opportunities and drive economic growth. We help existing businesses understand their needs and link them to local services and programs like this Sympli Works program.


We will assist employers with recruitment support to provide resources, tools and networks that will help them recruit and retain talent in the region.