Do you know WHY you’re in business?

Learn what all successful small businesses know, that understanding your why is the most important element in turning your passion into profit.

Through this 5 minute video, we’ll help you:

  • Understand Your Why
  • Figure out what it is that gets you excited every day about your business
  • What all great businesses start with – The Hedgehog Concept
  • Discover what gives your small business the advantage over your competition

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“A hedgehog does not know how to do much, but what it knows how to do, it knows how to do very well”

Meet your instructor:

Matt Symes, CEO of Symplicity

Matt Symes is a serial entrepreneur, portfolio manager, and recovering academic.

Matt loves to help small business owners succeed.  Over the last 10 years, Matt and his team at Symplicity have helped more than 400+ organizations improve, innovate, and grow. He is thrilled to be able to work with clients to shift the organizational paradigm – 

with Matt’s help, your small business can:  

  • Serve a client, 
  • Be better for the world, and 
  • Inspirational for the people who go to work everyday.  

Matt has a unique ability to bring clarity to chaos. He sees a path forward, then helps businesses focus on what they do best and finds even better ways to do it.

Now with the launch of Sympli Works, Matt and his team can bring those valuable lessons on how to scale up and navigate forward to you, online. 

What Is Sympli Works?

Our goal is to bring you the most relevant knowledge available for small business owners today.

We sort through the noise and teach you to apply the theory that matters in a practical way that we have shown time and time again, actually works.

We take the high-level theory and break it down into actionable pieces. Those pieces when put together will paint a picture of how to get through to the other side of the biggest problems facing your small business today.

Regardless of your background, we will guide you through exercises that you can follow and apply in your business and life today for incredible results.

We exist to provide solutions for improvement, and through our new online platform more people just like you can get started on solving their biggest problems, quickly, effectively, and on their own time.